Hidden Sessions

“Hidden Sessions” is a concept with the ambition of bringing locations with a deep historical and cultural meaning closer to the people by disrupting the commercial and traditional way of organising cultural events.

The aim of this innovative “Hidden Sessions” concept is to bring forward the Luxembourgish and international community to so-called “hidden” spots in the area of the European Capital of Culture, that is Esch-sur-Alzette and the territory included in ECoC 22. Hence, Hidden Sessions is a series of cultural events combining music with fantastic locations.

Hidden Sessions embodies openness and inclusions. Thus, Hidden Session a.s.b.l. allocates 10% of each event’s tickets to associations acting in the best interest of and taking care of disadvantaged members of the society. Be that mentally or physically disabled people or refugees – everyone should have the opportunity to attend a Hidden Sessions event. Therefore every Hidden Session will be free for all attendees.

The Hidden Session Bettembourg will take place on May 8th from 16:00 – 00:00. The whole concept of the Hidden Session Bettembourg will evolve around the comic story (“den Ris”). The event organisers will focus on hanging up gigantic comic pages from the ceiling, having giant “Ris” stilt walker at the entrance of the venue who will welcome the attendees, and creating an aftermovie with a drone representing the parrot of the Comic story. Furthermore, Hidden Sessions will also closely work together with the association APEMH Fondation to create a stage decor. In addition, the foundation will receive free tickets for the event.

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