De Ris geet op d’Rees

The Bettembourg comic strip with Luxembourg's greatest hero

Everyone probably knows Bettembourg’s best-known inhabitant. He is almost 10 metres tall and lives in the “Parc Merveilleux”. Yes, it’s the sleeping giant. The colossus with a red cap, long brown boots, a light blue jumper and checked trousers. He is the emblem of the « Parc Merveilleux », opened in 1955.

A new comic strip « De Ris geet op d’Rees » is created around this prominent figure.

Just in time for the LiteraTour2022, the municipality of Bettembourg, with copywriter Lucien Czuga and illustrator Andy Genen, mysteriously awakens the giant and takes him on an eventful journey through the municipality of Bettembourg over xx pages. Readers can look forward to a story full of humour and funny characters.

The storyboard was created in advance with the residents of the municipality.

We wanted to know:

  • What do children see in the character?
  • What do adults associate with the giant?
  • What is the historical context?
  • What might motivate the giant in the comic strip?
  • What adventures does he have?

The comic strip will be available in three languages (LU, FR, EN) in shops from May onwards, as well as in the Parc Merveilleux and in the social bookshop « de Bicherkueb », rue de la Gare, Bettembourg .

The interactive theme trail « De Ris geet op d’Rees ».

A creative theme trail based on the giant through Bettembourg that can be experienced in the long term.

Come and follow the giant on his journey!

We keep a close eye on the places where Lucien Czuga and Andy Genen send the giant on his journey. The aim is to recreate this journey in reality and thus enable readers to experience the adventure journey « live ».
Come and visit us in Bettembourg, relive the giant’s journey and discover a variety of artworks that take up relevant scenes from the comic strip and recreate them in the real world within the municipality of Bettembourg.
The Bettembourg theme trail will be available from mid-2022.

The idea for the comic strip came from the non-profit organisation « Les Trésors de la BD ».

Relevant information on how to get there, the route and the downloadable map can be found here.

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